A cryptocurrency and alternate Internet, for the zealous meek.
Zealchain was built to turn marginalized communities into successful business hubs. To share and generate wealth, to help us help ourselves, through blockchain technology.

What is Zeal, and what is ZNET?

Zeal is a new cryptocurrency. ZNET is an alternate DNS root (alternate internet). Here's how they can benefit you.

  For Individuals
Individuals can visit our alternate Internet through our ZNET extension / add-on, and can pay for products and services with Zeal.
  For Companies
Companies (and other websites) from marginalized communities are listed in alternate internet (ZNET), and in the directory on this site, and can choose to accept Zeal for payments.
  For Activists
Community activists enjoy access to companies and websites from marginalized communities and can support them directly.
Zeal Wallet

The Zeal cryptocurrency

A basic Wallet for Zeal

We offer a basic wallet to hold all of your Zeal, for Linux and for Windows. With it, you can store, receive and send ZEAL, as well as solo mine.

Cryptocurrency Details

Ticker: ZEAL

Max: 7 billion

Premine: 200k

Algorithm: Scrypt

Block Explorer

Zealchain Block Explorer Buy ZEAL

Github: mikejohnsonjr/zeal

Reddit: /r/zealchain

Facebook: @zealchaincom

Twitter: @zealchain

Freenode: #zealchain

How can I make the most of ZNET?

Whether you are a business owner, an activist, or someone looking to support businesses from marginalized communities, ZNET is a perfect option for your purposes.

ZNET is a network of websites registered here at Zealchain, and can only be accessed via our ZNET Chrome Extension (and soon, Firefox Add-on). In this way, it is a sort of alternate Internet for marginalized communities and businesses.

Download ZNET for Chrome

Registering a ZNET domain name will automatically enter you into our new community centered around sharing wealth. Accepting ZEAL payments on your ZNET domain name is currently the best way to circulate wealth within marginalized communities, and, eventually, will make them greater than imagined.

Register a ZNET domain name

ZNET Directory Map

Explore businesses like never before

All ZNET websites that have a physical address will be visible in our ZNET directory interactive map visualization. Features include details about the business, contact information, filtering, and searching.

Support small businesses from marginalized communities

ZNET will serve as the go-to directory for all businesses in marginalized communities. Here, investors, government organizations, and other interested companies can find and do business with these companies.

Share wealth within our communities with ZEAL

For the first time, a cryptocurrency has been created for the purpose of lifting people out of poverty, and helping marginalized small businesses succeed. Be a part of our movement and start accepting ZEAL today! Tutorials on automated payment processing available soon.

Visit ZNET Directory
ZNET Directory Map Visualization

Interested? Join our community

You can join our community by either registering a ZNET domain, or adopting the Zeal cryptocurrency for yourself or your business.

When you register a ZNET domain name, not only will you automatically be registered into the ZNET directory, you will also be a part of our exclusive community only accessible through the ZNET Chrome Extension.

Accepting Zeal at your site helps increase the value of Zeal.

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